EBook or electronic book is a digitalized version of a printed book which is readable on computers or specifically designed handheld electronic devices.

Size Dimension (inch) Dimension (mm) Dimension (px)
Kobo 14.90 x 20.10 in 378.35 x 510.65 mm 4470 x 6030 px
Wattpad 7.10 x 11.10 in 180.45 x 282.05 mm 2130 x 3330 px
Kindle 22.20 x 35.60 in 563.83 x 904.35 mm 6660 x 10680 px
General 20.80 x 33.30 in 528.37 x 845.87 mm 6240 x 10000 px

When individuals think about publishing, they tend to focus on ink and paper copies but for many indie and self-publishing authors, ebook is still considered to be an excellent format for distributing their literary works to the masses globally at faster rate with free shipping cost.

As with printed books, aside from the content, the cover of an ebook is equally important and can be confusing at times due to the reason that the dimension varies depending on the platform that you intend to use to publish your EBook.

Below is the guideline on different sizes of EBook covers based on the available platforms:

Kobo – Kobo is a company that sells EBooks, audiobooks and e-readers to their customers.To publish an EBook on their platform, they did not specifically state the exact dimension but they recommend the width of the EBook cover image to be ¾ of its height. As general guideline, you may start with 15 x 11 in as the dimension and file size should be not more than 5MB for the cover image if you are planning to publish your EBook on their platform.

Wattpad – Wattpad is an internet community site that allows readers and writers to publish their stories in diffrent categories and genres. To publish an EBook on their platform, the default resolution for the cover image 5 x 8 in and the accepted formats are png, jpg, or jpeg.

Kindle – Kindle is a compact hand held E-reader that has been developed by online retailer Amazon. To publish an EBook on Kindle, you may start with 22 x 36 in as the dimension for the cover image. You are advised to keep the file size to be less than 50MB and in format of JPEG or TIFF.

General – If you’re planning to distribute your books to various publishers, it makes more sense to follow the general sizing rule of keeping your cover image at least 16 to 19 in wide and stick to a 300 DPI image resolution.