B Series

Explore the sizing options for your posters, flyers, documents and more!

Size Dimension (inch) Dimension (mm)
B0 39.37 x 55.51 in 1000 x 1410 mm
B1 27.83 x 39.37 in 707 x 1000 mm
B2 19.69 x 27.95 in 500 x 710 mm
B3 13.9 x 19.69 in 353 x 500 mm
B4 9.84 x 13.9 in 250 x 353 mm
B5 6.93 x 9.84 in 176 x 250 mm
B6 4.92 x 6.93 in 125 x 176 mm
B7 3.46 x 4.92 in 88 x 125 mm
B8 2.44 x 3.46 in 62 x 88 mm
B9 1.73 x 2.44 in 44 x 62 mm
B10 1.22 x 1.57 in 31 x 40 mm

B series papers are used as another option when the A series is not suitable. Similar to the A series papers, its dimensions are defined by the ISO 216 International Standard for paper sizes. Using B series is a good idea when the A series is too big or small for the document you’re working on.

The B series sizes are between the paper sizes of each of the series A. For example, B5 measures between A4 to A5.

With the same concept as the A range, a sheet of paper in the B range will result in the next smaller size if folded in half. B3 is half of B2, B2 is half of B1, and so forth. Like the A series, the aspect ratio of the B series is 1: 2.

Although less commonly used in office environments, the B series is important for a variety of special usage. Majority of posters use B series papers and B5 is a standard choice for books. This includes other uses such as envelopes and passports.