Uncover the various sizes for books through’s nifty collection of templates.

Size Dimension (inch) Dimension (mm)
Royal Folio 12.5 x 20 in 317.5 x 508 mm
Royal Quatro 10 x 12.5 in 254 x 317.5 mm
Royal Octavo 6.25 x 10 in 158.75 x 254 mm
Royal Sixteenmo 5 x 6.25 in 127 x 158.75 mm
Royal Thirty-Two Mo 3.13 x 5 in 79.5 x 127 mm
Royal Sixty-Four Mo 2 x 5 in 50.8 x 127 mm
Medium Folio 11.5 x 18 in 292.1 x 457.2 mm
Medium Quatro 9 x 11.5 in 228.6 x 292.1 mm
Medium Octavo 5.75 x 9 in 146.05 x 228.6 mm
Medium Sixteenmo 4.5 x 5.75 in 114.3 x 146.05 mm
Medium Thirty-Two Mo 2.88 x 4.5 in 73.15 x 114.3 mm
Medium Sixty-Four Mo 2.25 x 2.88 in 57.15 x 73.15 mm
Crown Folio 10 x 15 in 254 x 381 mm
Crown Quatro 7.5 x 10 in 190.5 x 254 mm
Crown Octavo 5 x 7.5 in 127 x 190.5 mm
Crown Sixteenmo 3.75 x 5 in 95.25 x 127 mm
Crown Thirty-Two Mo 2.5 x 3.75 in 63.5 x 95.25 mm
Crown Sixty-Four Mo 1.88 x 2.5 in 47.75 x 63.5 mm

With self-publishing, you can now easily print your own books, be it for advertising your business, collating your family memories or even to produce a portfolio for your client.

Considering how some people still judge books by their covers, you need to put your best foot forward. With an appealing book cover design, readers will be tempted to give your book a try.

Definition of the book sizes
The terms of the sizes are commonly used by librarians and publishers which are based on the old system that are still commonly used today.

Terms below referred to the size of a leaf in terms of the size of the original sheet:

Folio – printed on a sheet of paper folded once to produce two leaves (four pages)
Quarto – printed on a sheet of paper folded twice to produce four leaves (eight pages)
Octavo – printed on a sheet folded four times to produce eight leaves (16 pages), one eighth the original size

When referring the general size of the original sheet itself, the common terms below are used to give a general guide:

Royal – large size sheet
Medium – medium size sheet
Crown – small size sheet

For an example, when stating Royal Octavo, it is generally understood that a page one-eighth the size of a large sheet is being referred to.