Event Invitation

Design amazing invitations for any celebration or occasion with Designs.ai’s sizes guide and personalized templates.

Format Folded Card (inch) Folded Card (mm) Unfolded Card (inch) Unfolded Card (mm)
A1/Baronial 3.5 x 4.88 in 88.9 x 123.95 mm 7 x 4.88 in 177.8 x 123.95 mm
5 Baronial 4 x 5.25 in 101.6 x 133.35 mm 8 x 5.25 in 203.2 x 133.35 mm
A2/5.5 Baronial 4.25 x 5.5 in 107.95 x 139.7 mm 8.5 x 5.5 in 215.9 x 139.7 mm
A6/6 Baronial 4.5 x 6.25 in 114.3 x 158.75 mm 9 x 6.25 in 228.6 x 158.75 mm
A7/Lee (Standard) 5.13 x 7 in 130.3 x 177.8 mm 10.5 x 7 in 266.7 x 177.8 mm
A8 5.38 x 7.88 in 136.65 x 200.15 mm 10.63 x 7.88 in 270 x 200.15 mm
A9 5.63 x 8.63 in 143 x 219.2 mm 11.5 x 8.63 in 292.1 x 219.2 mm
A10 5.88 x 9.25 in 149.35 x 234.95 mm 11.75 x 9.25 in 298.45 x 234.95 mm
Small 5.5 x 5.5 in 139.7 x 139.7 mm 5.5 x 11 in 139.7 x 279.4 mm
Medium 6.25 x 6.25 in 158.75 x 158.75 mm 6.25 x 12.5 in 158.75 x 317.5 mm
Large 6.75 x 6.75 in 171.45 x 171.45 mm 6.75 x 13.5 in 171.45 x 342.9 mm

Boost your opportunities for a better turnout at prospective events with attractive invitation cards. To create a sense of excitement and interest among your guests, consider the overall theme, design and size of these cards.

Tips creating event invitation card

The most visual part of the card and typically includes an image or text or both, and is designed to show the purpose of the invitation.

If you are planning to design with a fold, the inside or middle is where the message is typically printed or handwritten which stating the most important details about the event such as who’s celebrating, the occasion, the date and time and the location of the venue.

Usually stating the information related to the design, manufacturing, distribution, or retail of the invitation, It may also be left blank. If an invitation does not have a fold, then the back can be used for the pre-printed or handwritten message.

The envelope is the final element of the invitation and protects it in the post. The dimensions of the envelope are marginally larger (approximately one eighth or one quarter of an inch) than the invitation so that it fits snugly inside.

RSVP card
It is optional to include an RSVP card with the invitation to allow recipients to easily respond. It is commonly flat, rather than folded, with the information printed on the front or back of the card.