Capture all eyes and ears for your next presentation with our handy size guide and templates.

Size Dimension (inch) Dimension (mm)
4:3 3.41 x 2.56 in 86.7 x 65.02 mm
16:9 6.4 x 3.6 in 162.56 x 91.44 mm

Keep your audience engaged with slides which are compatible with the device or screen you are presenting with. The platform that you are using to present your presentation and its format will help determine the size that you should use for your presentation.

Common sizes

Commonly used where the presentation is intended for print distribution where it can easily adapt to the A4 or Letter paper size. It used to be the stadard screen size but most modern projectors and computer screens now come standard with wide screens.

Also known as widescreen, 16:9 is used for highly visual content and is the new default choice of size for creating presentations as all modern projector screens, televisions, and computers display come in widescreen as a 16:9 layout.