With’s dimensional guide and template collection, prepare the images in right dimension for the banner on your Alibaba’s mini site.

Size Dimension (inch) Dimension (mm) Dimension (px)
Banner 1 9.38 x 2.08 in 238.12 x 52.92 mm 900.48 x 199.68 px
Banner 2 9.38 x 2.60 in 238.12 x 66.15 mm 900.48 x 249.60 px
Banner 3 9.38 x 3.13 in 238.12 x 79.37 mm 900.48 x 300.48 px
Banner 4 9.38 x 3.65 in 238.12 x 92.60 mm 900.48 x 350.40 px
Banner 5 9.38 x 4.17 in 238.12 x 105.83 mm 900.48 x 400.32 px

Alibaba is the largest online business in the world making it the most preferred destination for online purchases and had become the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market.

Since there are many merchants in the market, it is vital to ensure that the images used are in correct dimension to capture potential customers’ attention.

Alibaba allows up to 4 images to be uploaded at one time which will be the banner in your mini site. The format of the photo can be jp or png with maximum file size not bigger than 2MB. The recommended image width is 900 px and the height can be in options of 200px, 250 px, 300 px, 350 px or 400 px.