Captivate the world’s ears with great music and capture their attention with appealing graphics by


Size Dimension (inch) Dimension (mm) Dimension (px)
Profile Photo 3.33 x 3.33 in 84.67 x 84.67 mm 1000 x 1000 px
Album Cover 2.67 x 2.67 in 67.73 x 67.73 mm 800 x 800 px
Minimum Header 8.27 x 1.73 in 209.97 x 44.03 mm 2480 x 520 px

SoundCloud is the world’s leading social network for listening, creating, sharing and curating music. It provides an avenue for the musicians to share and publish their works globally and for music lovers to discover new tracks, new tallents and follow the updates from their favourite artists. Whether you are writing, making or curating music, ensure your current and prospective followers can recognize you by creating an outstanding SoundCloud images.

Profile photo
For profile photo, upload your band logo, or, if you’re a solo artist, add in a creative shot of you. The profile photo will be cropped in a round shape and the recommended size for the best image quality is 1000 x 1000 pixels. Once you’ve uploaded your image, you have the option to drag the image left or right or to zoom in for the perfect photo composition.

Profile header
The header acts a cover or hero image over your SoundCloud profile page. It’s a great spot for adding more band art or artist photos or to highlight a song or album art. Use either a JPEG or PNG image with a dimension of at least 2480 pixels wide by 520 pixels tall. It’s also better to avoid adding text to your header image as they might be cropped on smaller screens.